The House of Time, Parts 1-2

The House of Time, Part 1
December 8, 2009

Time lay scattered around the house
In its dusty rooms
And empty corridors.
Minutes tumbled down from the ceilings,
Hours were to be found
Spread out on the floor.
Days and months lay strewn on tables,
And in the basement were piles of years.

Each morning when she woke up
She would stand by the window
Looking at the Chair of Memory,
If she had
The energy and courage to sit there,
Yet again,
And write.



The House of Time, Part 2
August 30, 2010

It was only after many years
In the House of Time
That she opened its basement door,
Where she found a stone
Strangely marked.


After this she came regularly
Each day
To sit beside the stone,
Caressing its surface,
Before she began to write
In her notebook
About her life.

Suggested Citation

Roth, Moira and Slobodan Dan Paich. “The House of Time, Parts 1-2.” American Studies Journal 55 (2011). Web. 22 Jun. 2024. DOI 10.18422/55-02.


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