The American Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed open-access journal that provides a forum for intellectual debate about all aspects of social, cultural, and political life in the United States of America. It aims to present new and challenging research in the humanities to both academic and non-academic audiences around the world. 

Three elements make up the web presence: the American Studies Journal with its offerings of scholarly and methodological content, the ASJ Occasional Papers series as a web space for longer articles that do not fit into the thematically focused issues of the journal, and the American Studies Blog with its topical observations and comments on present-day U.S. society and culture. 

Current Issue

No. 68 (2019)
Distance Matters: Approaching US Social Movements and Race/Ethnicity from a French Perspective

Edited by Sandrine Baudry, Guillaume Marche, and Céline Planchou

What specific challenges does the study of social movements and race/ethnicity in the United States pose for non-US-based scholars? Does distance afford non-US-based scholars possible rewards that make their research a unique contribution to the study of the United States? This edited issue is designed as a symposium in which eleven French-based specialists of various chronological and thematic domains share their experiences and insights on a variety of issues of concern to non-US-based American studies scholars. These relate to the distance between researcher and object, objectivity and engagement, the challenges and rewards of foreignness, as well as the epistemological and methodological positioning of American Studies scholars within the broader field of social science.

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Preceding Issue

No. 67 (2019)
Women’s Voices from the House of Time (Part II)
Edited by Martina Kohl

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No. 16 (2019)
Bob Dole and the Armenian Genocide: From Dr. K to Mr. Byrd
by Julien Zarifian, University of Cergy-Pontoise
This paper analyzes Bob Dole’s strong relationship with the Armenians and his struggle to obtain the recognition of the Genocide in Congress. It discusses how the Senate operated, Congress-Executive relations, and the significance of lobbying.

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Upcoming ASJ thematic Issue

Teaching Counter/Publics: American Studies and Digital Pedagogy
Edited by Ingrid Gessner and Uwe Küchler

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