Lesson Plan: Native Americans — Stereotypes and Reality


This lesson plan was compiled by participants of the Teacher Training Seminar Media and Teaching English as a Foreign Language at the Center for United States Studies in Wittenberg.

Grade:  This lesson plan is suitable for grades 8 – 11;
Rationale:  To develop an understanding of the life and the culture of contemporary Native Americans and to correct stereotypes about Native Americans;
Time: 3 lessons á 45 min.
Materials:  cartoon or picture and/or story and/or video tape, fact sheet
Fact Sheet: The Navajos (PDF)
An Interesting Story from a Navajo (PDF)

Lesson 1

1         Cartoon or story as introduction
1.1      Cartoon


warming up/getting students to talk

Assignment: Look at the cartoon/picture, what comes to your mind? Describe the picture

The picture should be a rather stereotypical image of a Native American, e.g. on a horse, with a headdress, in front of a tippi, etc.

Assignment: Find a suitable caption for the cartoon/picture.

1.3.      Talking about traditions/revision

Assignment: What do you know/remember about the traditional way of life of the Native Americans?

Expected answers/notes on board (left column):
  • lived together in tribes
  • lived on tribal land
  • moved around from place to place
  • older ones taught younger ones
  • lived on hunting, gathering, fishing
  • battles and wars with other tribes
  • clichés: piece pipe, medicine man, war dance
  • strong beliefs in their gods
  • close relationship to nature


2.         Story “An Interesting Story from a Navajo”
2.1.      Listening only
2.2.      Reading

Assignment: What is the story about? Who is confronting who in the story? What ist the underlying message of the story?

Expected answers:

A number of issues can be raised here, e.g.:

  • Navajos as inhabitants of a region that looks like the surface of the moon (deserted, unfertile, etc.);
  • NASA (technology) and Native American (nature) confront each other—two worlds meet;
  • humor used to describe the colonialization of Native Americans by Europeans/Euro-Americans;

Assignment: underline the key sentence and give reasons for your choice

Expected answer: last sentence (see text)

Assignment/speculation (note on board/right column): What do you think life is like today?

Expected answers:

  • reservations
  • families, poverty
  • ordinary jobs/badly paid
  • school
  • relationship to their traditions
  • problems with alcohol and drugs
Choose topics for research/suggestions:
a) education
b) tradition
c) economy
d) environment

Homework/assignment: Collect all information about the following topics. Use the local library, reference books, media, or the internet.

Lesson 2

1.         Brainstorming

Assignment: What do you know about the Navajos (or some other tribe)?
If brainstorming does not provide enough information use the worksheet for reading.

2 .        Video on Native Americans1 (“Navajos”)
2.1.      Watch a video on Native Americans (about 30 min)

Assignment: Contemporary life (see worksheet): Add as much information from the video presentation as possible and put results on board.

Lesson 3

1.        Organizing group work

Assignment: Use your own material and the material you get from the teacher and search for information to the fixed topics:

a) education
b) tradition
c) economy
d) environment

2.        Group work

3.        Presentation of results

After your research, present the results to the class (poster, transparency, flip chart)


1 English teachers in Germany may rent videos in English from the Video Library – Amerikazentrum Hamburg e.V., Am Sandtorkai 5, 20457 Hamburg, Telefax: (0 40) 43 21 87 80, www.amerikazentrum.de. The Amerikazentrum has a wide range of videos on different topics of American history, culture and traditions.
This lesson plan first appeared in the Winter 2000 issue of the ASJ (no. 46).
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