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Racing to Reform in the United States and Germany

Both Germany and the United States have made significant reforms over the last decade to their secondary school systems. This article compares the reforms focused on at-risk secondary school students in both countries and explores emerging trends in achievement and attainment data. The authors conclude that both countries have made significant education reforms and improved the educational results for at-risk students.

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A Diverse Educational System: Structure, Standards, and Challenges

American education is a complex topic because a single school can draw upon resources from several different public and private institutions. For example, a student may attend a private high school whose curriculum must meet standards set by the state, some of whose science courses may be financed by federal funds, and whose sports teams may play on local, publicly owned fields. Despite this complexity, however, it is possible to describe the broad contours of American education.

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Public Responsibility/Private Initiative: Primary and Secondary Education

The president of the Institute for Educational Leadership discusses issues and trends in primary and secondary education in the United States. Is our nation’s historic commitment to mass public education appropriate in its current form? What are the prospects of experiments to improve public schooling? (From Society & Values)

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