Number 41 (1998)


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The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan

George Catlett Marshall (1880–1956)
by Jeanne Holden     4

Key Dates for the Marshall Plan     7

The Marshall Plan Speech
by George C. Marshall     8

Blueprint for Recovery
by Michael J. Hogan    11

Reflections: Miles to Go From American Plan to European Union
by Helmut Schmidt     26

Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright’s Commencement Address at
Harvard University    33

Excerpt from Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s Statement to the
German Bundestag on the 50th Anniversary of the Marshall Plan    40

Further Reading on the Marshall Plan    43

Education in the USA (Part I)

A Diverse Educational System: Structure, Standards, and Challenges
by George Clack    45

The Community and the Classroom
by Denis P. Doyle    50

Foundation of a Nation: Strong and Effective Schools
by Richard W. Riley 55

Excerpt from President William J. Clinton’s State of the Union Address    59

News / Notes / Views

Multilingual America and the Longfellow Institute
by Werner Sollors    61

Remarks by President William J. Clinton at the
Airlift Remembrance Ceremony     63