Number 48 (Winter 2001)


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“Civil War Scholarship in the 21st Century:” Selected Conference Proceedings

Editor’s Note       2

Guest Editor’s Note       5

Overflowing and Half-Full: Achievements and Gaps in Recent Civil War Military History
by Timothy Mulligan        6

Union and Confederate Biography: Where Do We Stand?
by John F. Marszalek and Craig L. Symonds       20

Exploding the Myth: American Civil War Novels at the End of the 20th Century
by Ursula Baumann        27

American Civil War Flags: Documents, Controversy, and Challenges
by Harold F. Mailand        32

Military Justice Makes Rattling Good History: Ethnicity and the Role of the Eighth New York Heavily Artillery
by Kathryn Lerch        39

“…to strive for loyalty”: German-Confederate Newspapers, the issue of slavery, and German ideological commitment
by Andrea Mehrländer        44

The Linguistic Legacy of the Civil War: How the Civil War Changed American English by Gregory Weeks       52

Teaching Resources

To What Extent Did the American Civil War Affect Civil Liberties?
by Kathry Lerch        57

Civics Education in Central Europe
by David Jervis        60

Book Reviews

Jeffrey W. Helsing, Johnson’s War/ Johnson’s Great Society: The Guns and Butter Trap
by Peter L. Ling        64

Jacqueline Bobo, ed. Black Feminist Citicism
reviewed by Barbara Ryan        64

Robert A. Burchell (compiler). World Bibliographical Series, Vol. 16: United States of America
reviewed by Charles C. Kolb        65

Elizabeth Reis, ed. American Sexual Histories
reviewed by Tiffany Mc Kirdy           66

Wolfgang Hochbruck, ed. Achtundvierziger/Forty-Eighters: Die Deutsche Revolution von 1848/49, die Vereinigten Staaten und der Amerikanische Bügerkrieg
reviewed by Andrea Mehrländer        67

Marianne S. Wokeck, Trade in Strangers: The Beginnings of Mass Migration to North America
reviewed by J. Kelly Robison        68