Number 47 (Summer 2001)


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American Youth Culture

Editor’s Note 2

The American Adolescent—A Historical Overview
by Donna Jean Zane 4

Taming Little Savages: Adolescent Crime and the Woodcraft Indian Movement
by Kent Baxter 10

Buffy Incorporated: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Authenticity and the American Teen
by Rosemary White 23

Sounds of Freedom, Sounds of Decay: Perceptions of Music and Associated Youth Lifestyles in Romania in the Twentieth Century
by Bodgan Barbu 30

First Wave American Youth Culture in the Season of 1954–55: Youth and the Mass Media
by James M. Salem 40

Campground and Kinship Cultures: White Protestant and African American Youth Programs, 1930–1990
by Jon Pohl 50


Further Readings 60

Internet Resources 61

Classroom Clips 63

Book Reviews

Books on Early American History and Culture, 1991–1995: An Annotaded Bibliography, ed. Raymond D. Irwin
reviewed by Andrea Mehrländer 64