Number 45 (Summer 2000)


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American Race Relations

Editor’s Note 2

The Construction of Ulrich Bonnell Phillips’s Interpretation of Slavery
by John David Smith 4

Disfranchisement: The Political System of White Supremacy
by Manfred Berg 10

Public Perception of the Past in the American South: A Paradigm Shift
by Melton McLaurin 18

‘Brothers’ in Arms: Race Relations in the Vietnam War
by Petra Feld 26

The Visible Hand of Negrotarians in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
by Amy Carreiro 32

Jim Crow and American Modernism: Suppressing the Urge to Be All a Nation Can Be
by Madeleine Hirsinger Carr 38

“A Cuchi Moya!” – Star Trek’s Native Americans
by Katja Kanzler 44

Asian Americans and American Immigration and Naturalization Policy
by Yvonne Walter 51

Further Readings 57

Internet Resources 59
Classroom Clips

Are U.S. Schools Really Violent?
by Leslie J. Herring 60

Spring Brings More Than Flowers to School Plans
by Connie Cook 61

Brody Middle School Responds to a Question of Violence
by Trish Johnson 62

Documents 63