Number 44 (Winter 1999 / Spring 2000)


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Social Policy and Welfare Reform in the United States

Editor’s Note            2

by Axel R. Schäfer (Guest Editor)            4

The General Federation of Women’s Clubs and American Social Welfare in the Progressive Era
by Elizabeth J. Clapp            7

Social Work and Social Policy in Germany and the United States
by John D. Morrison and Robert A. Wolf            17

Welfare Reform as “Social Experiment?”
by Holger Backhaus-Maul            26

Reform and the State of Welfare Today
by Steven Weir            30

Is Workfare “Ending Welfare as We Know It?”
by Waltraud Schelkle            35

Review Symposium: Daniel T. Rogers, Atlantic Crossings: Social Politics in a Progressive Age

Atlantic Crossings: A Summary
by Harry Marks            45

Defining and Explaining North Atlantic “Social Politics”
by David Hammack            48

Gender, Race, and the Comparative Project in Atlantic Crossings
by Sonya Michel            50

Atlantic Crossings: Close Encounters, of What Kind?
by Victoria de Grazia            52

A Tale of Pendular Times
by Pierre-Yves Saunier            54

The Lessons of Atlantic Crossings for Europeanists
by Seth Koven            56

Reviews & Resources

Joanne L. Goodwin, Gender and the Politics of Welfare Reform: Mothers’ Pensions in Chicago 1911–1929
reviewed by Robyn L. Rosen            58

Internet Resources            59

Further Readings on Social and Welfare Policy            60

Classroom Clips

The Mutable American English Language
by Leslie J. Herring            61

What Does My Map Say?            64