Number 43 (1999)


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American Arts at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Editor’s Note       2

Overview       4

The Visual Arts: On the Cusp of the New Millenium
by Eleanor Hearty       7

Photographic Exhibition “Faces and Stories”
by Curt Richter       12

The Space Between: Fine Art and Technology
by Will Tait      15

The U.S. Screen Scene
by Scott Eyman      21

U.S. Theater in the Nineties: A Heartland Perspective
by Dan Sullivan      25

Dance at the Close of the Century
by Suzanne Carbonneau      30

New Music for a New Century
by Joshua Kosman      36

Further Reading on Arts at the Turn of the Century       4

Education in the USA (Part III)

Public Responsibility / Private Initiative: Primary and Secondary Education 
Interview with Michael Usdan      43

A Slew of New Products Caters to a Rising Demand for High-Tech Classroom Tools
by Jennifer Johnes and Meg Misenti      53

Technology in Education

Interview with Barbara Means and Seymour Papert      58

News / Notes / Views

The Center for U.S. Studies: Listserv and Library      64