Number 42 (Winter 1998)


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Religion in the United States

Editorial       2

Religion in America
by William Peters       4

Timeline: Religious Liberty       7

The Roots of American Religious Liberty
by Charles C. Haynes        10

Separating Church and State: Freedom of Religion
by George Clack        14

Separation and Interaction: Religion and Politics
Interview with Kenneth D. Wald      20

Will the Vitality of Churches Be the Surprise of the Next Century?
by by George Gallup, Jr.      28

Islam in the United States
Interview with Yvonne Haddad      35

Lutheran Churches       49

Further Reading on Religion in the United States       43

Education in the USA (Part II)

Voices in Education       51

Grading U.S. Education
by William Peters      55

U.S. Higher Education in the Postwar Era: Expansion and Growth
Theodore Marchese      57

The Essence of an Educated Person
David Denby      63