Number 40 (1997)


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Regional American Literature

Regional American Literature: Introduction
by Michael J. Bandler   3

A Literature of Place
by Barry Lopez    10

From Place to Place: Writers on the American Road
by Sven Birkerts    14

Voices from the Regions
by Michael J. Bandler     18

by Michael J. Bandler    21

Mark Twain: America’s Regional Original
by Henry B. Wonham    24

Illustrating Huckleberry Finn
by E.W. Kemble      30

Mark Twain in a Dilemma: A Victim of a Joke He Thinks the
Most Unkindest Cut of All     35

“Colored People”—Reminiscences of Home
by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.     37

Further Reading on Regional American Literature   42


Understanding Regional Boundaries in the U.S.
by Howard De Leeuw   46

Regions of the Continental United States   50

Today’s South in the EFL-Classroom
by Andreas Müller-Hartmann    51

News / Notes / Views

The Future of Publishing
by Kushal Dave     56

Some Electronic Texts Available through Project Gutenberg    58

American Dreams & Discontents: Beyond the Level of the Playing Field
by Isabel V. Sawhill and Daniel P. McMurrer    59