Number 39 (1996)


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The Internet

The Ancient History of the Internet
by Edwin Diamond & Stephen Bates (From: American Heritage)    1

The Internet at the Crossroads
by Herb Brody   5

Looking for Community on the Internet
by Evan I. Schwartz   10

The Virtual Future
by Albert G. Holzinger     13

Fax, CD-Rom, On-Line Services and Newspapers
by Tony Case   16

The Need for New Copyright Laws
by Bruce Lehman   19

The American Internet User Survey
by FIND/SVP’s Technologies Research Group    22

Basic Principles for Building an Information Society
by Al Gore    27

U.S. Launches Global Environment Education Network
by Edward Taishoff    29

Equipping Our Children with the Tools to Compete Successfully in
the New Economy
by Larry Irving    32

The Learning Connection    38

Classes on the Web
by Jeffery R. Young    46

The Internet is Changing Higher Education
by Neil Rudenstine    49
American Studies Miscellany

The Media Lab at 10
by Fred Hapgood    55

Hypertext Hamlet
by N. Katherine Hayles (From: Humanities)   60