Number 38 (1996)


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by Agota Kuperman    ii

Elections ’96
Campaign ’96
Interview with  Thomas  E. Mann    1
Public Opinion Polls
by Christopher Arterton     8

Immigration in Wausau
by Roy Beck (from The Atlantic Monthly)    10

Education in Baltimore
Interview with Mayor Kurt Schmoke (from Phi Delta Kappan)    19

Shopping Centers, Shopping Malls
by Witold  Rybczynski (from The Atlantic Monthly)    23
Franchising: An American Phenomenon
by Lester David    28

Black Studies
Studying Black Studies
by E. R. Shipp (from Emerge)    32

American Literature
The Fiction of Tim O’Brien
by Philip Gerard (from The World and I)    35

American Studies Miscellany
A National Forum for Native American Art
by Joseph Bruchac (from Smithsonian)    39
The New Providers
by Michelle lngrassia and Pat Wingert (from Newsweek)    45